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Celebrating education week

Ed Week 2023 - 1 August 2023, 175 Years on a blue backgrround with red and wile circles


Celebrating Education Week and Book Week

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  • Open day
  • Performances
  • Book Week (theme: "Read, Grow, Inspire")
  • Book Week dress up & parade - come as your favourite book character
  • Library book fair
  • Family picnic lunch


About Education Week

Education Week is an annual celebration of NSW public education and the achievements of our schools, teachers and students.

Education Week 2023

Education Week 2023 will be held from 31 July to 4 August 2023 (Week 3, Term 3). This year’s theme is 175 years of public education in NSW and focuses on learning from our past, celebrating our achievements and embracing the future with confidence.

This year marks 175 years since the establishment of public schools in NSW. Founded in 1848, the Board of National Education was formed and tasked with establishing a public education system in NSW. Prior to 1848, schools operated under a denominational system and were the responsibility of churches.

The Importance of Book Week

Anything that furthers children’s ability to read and find a passion for it is, of course, an important cause. This is what Book Week is all about, with the primary aim of the event being to share great works of children’s literature and spark a love of reading that will stay with young people for life.

Book Week gives children, teachers, home educators, parents, and guardians an excuse to dive into the world of children’s books together. They’re exposed to new authors and their works, providing a refreshing choice of literature to choose from. By creating an annual event out of reading that everyone looks forwards to, children are likely to look back with fond memories and continue reading as a hobby later on in life.

We all know how important reading is for children’s cognitive and emotional development. It equips them with vital literacy skills and widens the scope of their imagination. Having said that, the importance of this event goes beyond the developmental benefits felt by children.