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A Word from the Principal



Welcome to Thomas Acres Public School.  I hope that by visiting our school via this website you will see our school as a place where your child's needs, be they academic, creative, sporting and social will be catered for.

Thomas Acres Public School (TAPS) offers students a safe, positive and fully equipped educational environment.  Your child will be supported in their pursuit of academic achievement.  A wide range of social and academic support programs provide many varied avenues for your child to achieve.  Each student is valued as an individual and our goal is to provide the best of educational opportunities at all times. 

The Thomas Acres staff are enthusiastic, highly trained and experienced professionals who are committed to your child's education.  There is a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills at our school.  Information technology skills are integrated across the curriculum.  All classrooms have Interactive Whiteboards, wireless technology and an ever increasing number of laptops that are being rolled out across the school.  We offer a varied range of extra curricular opportunities for your child including PSSA sport, band, dance and public speaking. 

Throughout the time your child will spend at TAPS we look forward to your positive involvement in our school activities.  The Parents & Citizens Association meet regularly twice a term.  These meetings keep parents up to date with school matters.  Our school values parental involvement and we extend an invitation for you to participate fully in our school community events.  No matter what your contribution, whether it be a parent helper in a classroom, assisting with reading groups, covering library books or helping children with gift selection at our P & C stalls, it will be appreciated.

Our core values are Respect, Responsibility, Pride, Honesty and Co-Operation and are modelled in our every day activities with your children and the policies and practices we implement through the school. 

Welcome to your school.  If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact the Office on 4626 4577.

Sean Pope