Thomas Acres Public School

Engaging Students in the 21st Century

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About our school

Thomas Acres Public School features programs which are of high intellectual quality and centered on student engagement. The school's core values are Honesty, Pride, Cooperation, Responsibility, and Respect. These core values underpin a curriculum focused on Literacy, Numeracy, and Student Empowerment programs. 

Our teaching staff is an exciting balance of experienced and early career teachers who work collaboratively in stage teams. 
A wide range of enrichment and extension opportunities are offered. Band, Choir, Dance, Public Speaking and Sports are programs that we implement in order to nurture the potential of our students. 

Thomas Acres PS is an effective place in which students learn and grow. 

Our students are polite, well mannered and display a growing self-confidence in themselves as individuals. This is demonstrated through self-esteem, consideration of others and an appreciation of their own abilities.