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NEW Canteen - Mel's Lunchbox

Text Mel's Lunchbox with a cartoon image of a smiling watermelon

Mel's Lunchbox serve a number of our local schools including, Ambarvale PS, Bradbury PS, Briar Road PS, Campbelltown East PS, Lemeah PS, Rosemeadow PS, and Ruse PS.

Visit Mel's Lunchbox Facebook page for more information.

We will endeavor to provide healthy meals and snacks to the school's students and staff.

We are always approachable.

If your child needs their lunches made different to the normal way because of dietary or religious beliefs, just let us know and we will always comply with your wishes.

To us a canteen visit should always be a happy experience, so if something is not up to scratch, please do not hesitate in getting in contact with us.

We can not wait to get into the school and start to get to know you all.

The Mel's Lunchbox Team.