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A preschool is coming to Thomas Acres Public School

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Thomas Acres Public School has been selected for one of 100 new public preschools in NSW.  It is expected that the new preschool will open by 2027, pending building and regulatory approvals.

Our school was considered for a new public preschool based on; child development and socioeconomic data, projected demand for preschool, an infrastructure analysis and valuable insights gained through local feedback. The department made decisions through a clear process with independent oversight.

A high-quality early childhood education helps give children the best start in life by providing important opportunities to learn and develop. Research shows a positive transition to school is important for a child’s long-term academic, social and wellbeing outcomes. Having a public preschool on our school site will help children prepare for this change and help our school staff to support the individual needs of children as they move from the preschool to the Kindergarten classroom.  

This is a long-term project, with the preschool due to be built by 2027, and we will provide further information as the project progresses.  

For more information, please visit the department’s website.

We look forward to hearing more about this exciting development in the months / time to come …