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FREE vision testing

Your child will be taking part in Straight Sight’s FREE Comprehensive Vision Assessments.

All students at Thomas Acres Public School will be seen by an Optometrist and an Orthoptist. This will occur at the school during Term 4 Week 1 -2.

The Optometrist will be checking vision, health of the eye, and any need for glasses. This is a bulk-billed assessment, and there will be no additional charge.

The Orthoptist will check each student’s eye posture, eye teaming, near and far focusing ability, 3D vision as well as colour vision. This is a FREE assessment, no charge.

Every student assessed who requires glasses will be given the option of choosing glasses from our FREE range.

Results of testing will be mailed to parents.

The school will be providing our Optometrists with the below details

  • Full Name (as it appears on your Medicare card): 
  • Date of Birth
  • Student’s Class
  • Medicare Card Number

­­­If you are happy for these details to be released, and you’d like your child’s eye assessed no further action is required.

If you choose NOT to have your child’s eyes assessed, please sign the Opt-Out form attached and return to school.