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Scholastic Book Fair

The super Scholastic Book Fair is coming to TAPS

Sadly we are unable to invite parents and community members to browse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t order great titles from Scholastic.

  • Students will visit the Book Fair in their Stage groups and complete a Wish List. We will ensure that there is limited handling of books, and will observe COVID regulations.
  • NOTE:  This is not an order form, and you are not obligated to purchase any or all of the books on the list.  It is simply a list of books students are interested in.
  • Parents are able to go online and pay for any titles they wish to purchase. (Order details are on the back of the Wish List).  You may wish just to nominate an amount that your child is allowed to spend at the Fair. Note: NO POP payments, please.
  • Parents record their 8 digit receipt number on the Wish List
  • Students bring the completed Wish list to the Library and collect the titles of their choice to the value paid.
  • Students may bring cash to the Library for purchases.

If you wish to have books held at school (perhaps as Christmas gifts), please send the Wish List in an envelope and mark it for the Library to hold.  We will contact you and arrange for the books to be brought to the school gate.

Our school benefits greatly from our Book Fair as we receive new books for our shelves as our commission for holding the Fair.