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Too sick to go to school?

To sick to go to school?

Not sure if you should send your child to school or keep them home?

Too sick to go to school gives parents advice on how to manage various health conditions and may be of use when deciding on how long to keep your child home to recover or to prevent spreading illness to classmates.

This information has been supplied by NSW Health and is not intended to replace a visit to your doctor if anyone in your family is unwell.

Health topics from A to Z


Removing head lice and nits

Mention head lice and most of us instantly develop an itch. You'll find these little critters at every school across Australia – and probably the world – at some point during the year. While head lice and nits, (the eggs of head lice) are certainly annoying and persistent, they're not dangerous. Here's everything you need to know to manage head lice.

There are specialised salons that cater for the treatment and removal of headlice (eg. 'No More Nitz' located in Liverpool)